Ken Wilson, Financial Advisor

Ken Wilson grew up in Cincinnati, and started his career at one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, Procter & Gamble. Ken also has also owned and operated a Chick-Fil-A franchise.

Ken has refined his business acumen in both corporate and entrepreneurial spaces and is an expert at building trust-based relationships.

Ken joined Northwestern Mutual is 2014.  His expertise, includes problem solving, relationship building, personal financial planning and strategic business planning.

Principles, Purpose, Passions
  • Faith – I am a born again Christian.  This is central to everything that I am, the way that I think, my self-image, the way that I engage with others, and the choices that I make in every situation.
  • Priorities – Life’s priorities for me are faith, family, career, community.
  • The Power of 1 – One of my favorite books is a quick read called THE FRED FACTOR by Mark Sanborn.  It’s about a postal worker who changed an entire community one interaction at a time.  Irrespective of title or defined position, I believe that one person fueled by passion can make a significant impact on results, outcomes, and cultures.
  • Leadership Principles:
    • Leadership is an influence process.  It’s not about power, authority, or even achievement.  Many people achieve personally (business, politics, education, athletics, etc.) without being leaders.
    • Passion – No emotion is more compelling in determining individual performance whether it’s a musical performance, athletic competition, or business.  One of the greatest tasks of a leader is to daily fuel his personal passion, and then ignite and sustain a high level of organizational passion.
    • Humility - If you do not seek and respond to feedback, you are not fit for leadership.
    • Affirmation is the most powerful leadership tool that I know of.  Humble leaders affirm those around them, and are sincere about sharing credit for success.
    • Courage – To risk your personal standing in pursuit of doing what’s right.
    • The power of relationships – the effectiveness of your leadership is only limited by the effectiveness of your relationships.
      • The quality of the relationship isn’t tested until one person disappoints the other.
    • Execution – The most underrated element of leadership.  This is not about tactics, but the ability to get things done.  Bringing strategy to life.
    • It’s impossible to have leadership without character.  Character is not about never having a lapse in judgment.  Character is a commitment to behavior and decision making based on principles, limiting bad decisions, and leading reconciliation after you compromise your principles.
    • Defer judgment – Overcome the temptation to make first impressions your permanent perspective (good or bad impressions).
    • Simplify and Focus – Make difficult decisions, eliminate unnecessary layers of communication by going directly to the source, eliminate unnecessary paper.  Phone calls or drop-ins are better than emails and voice mails, stay on task in meetings – minimize pontificating and pile on conversations.
    • Forgiveness – Great leaders require passion, not perfection.  They have the ability to forgive and restore with dignity when mistakes are made.


  • 2010 Reaching for the Stars Award Recipient
  • United Way Award for “Best ECC Strategy” exceeding expectations in fund raising efforts
  • INROADS Greater Cincinnati/Dayton affiliate’s 1st ever “Mentor of the Year”
  • YMCA Community Achievers Award
  • P&G Chairman’s Club Award for leadership results and sales mastery (top 1% of organization)
  • 2015, 2016 & 2017 Million Dollar Round Table

Kenneth Vance Wilson Sr

Financial Representative


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